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Monday, 21 February 2011

I've created my own blog....yeahhh mee!!!!!!!!! :)

Ok!!!!!!! So it's my first time using a blog and i  even created it myself.....Now it is the time to get use to it and make my page or blog fancy and attractive to get some followers... I want to be just like Ms. Cooper...she has so many followers (students) lol.......

I'm excited about using my blog.  Its a great way to share information, images, updates etc about events, yourself, others etc...You can get to know each other and communicate if there is no other way to connect with your friends.  I think it is a very interactive site and i look forward to learn alot more new stuffs about this blog during my semester.....and i hope to keep it updates well of course i will because it is a grade haha.....

Toodles guys and be sure to follow my blog and i will do the same....<3


  1. Oh wow....lol....yes Kara you made the impossible possible...lol...Love you


  2. haha.i love dis post.
    you're so crazy girl!♥