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Saturday, 30 April 2011

Back in school Mode

Sigh, I can finally say the easter holidays are finally over for me as well as those who go to school..It went fast, right before my eyes...But i wont complain because my vacation was well spent...I had tonz of fun....

Though i didn't want it to be over so quickly i have to accept the fact that shcool is opening and i need to get back into the school mode.. Yep but i'll look on the bright side because i only have like a month of school left and its over for me.. Graduation..YEAH!!!....

So' I'll put myself in the school mood, get back to work and act as if I wasnt on any holidyas.   It's time to get those A's again...I need to do well this semester and make everyone proud....

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

My Easter Vacation

My easter vacation was splenditious. lol....It was just the way i wanted it.  Beach, breeze, sand, heat and everything that makes it easter.  It was all there..

Of course is spent it with family, friends and my boyfriend.  :) Yep they made my easter one to remember.  Thanks guys.....I had so much fun, i cant even explained now.  I ate alot, yea i think i gained extra pounds, hope thats not a bad thing...lmao..

We all party, sip pina coladas yes it wasn't alcohol thank you very much...hmm....I don't drink so yea you better believe me...We danced and had the time of our lives...We walked the beach, talk and give jokes, watch all the beach contests, meet new people, saw new faces and so much more....I wish i could do it again from the start..oh how i enjoyed my easter vacation...

Ps.  Thanks Ritzie, Marlon, Monica, Mommy and Daddy and others.......<3

Monday, 25 April 2011

My one and only lil sister- Brianna...

She remarkably has a
generous and loving heart
I love her dearly
for everything that she is
She is simple, smart,
friendly and kind
There is no one like her
in the whole world
Everyday I thank God
that she is my sister
Relying and believing
that He will always bless her.

I love my little sister for who she is.. Although she annoys me sometimes i love her to death..  She makes me happy and knows how to make me smile when i am sad.  She is smart, kind, harassing and cute.  She'll always be number one lil sis...I love you Bre....

Saturday, 23 April 2011

Holy Saturday Cross Country!!!!!!

On this beautiful Holy Saturday morning, a bunch of riders rode off from Leslie's imports to San Ignacio and back to Belize City. 

In this sun hot, they rode 144 miles.  Of course we all wanted a Belizean to win and take back the garland unfortunately, a foreigner wanted it more than us.  Luis Santizo from Team Sugar City in Orange Walk took the garland from us again, he was a Guatemalan. 

However, we still have to big up our Belizeans for a race well done.  They all tried their best and that was it.  they worked hard.  There is always next year to try harder again and i believe a Belizean will get it next year..

There is still hope :P

Friday, 22 April 2011

What is Good Friday??

Good Friday is observed on the Friday before Easter Sunday. On this day Christians commemorate the passion, or suffering, and death of the Lord Jesus Christ.
It is the most solemn day in the Christian calendar. The dates of Good Friday, which vary each year, occur between March 20th and April.   

Good Friday rituals and traditions are distinct from every other Church observances. They add to Good Friday's significance. The ceremony is somber, with priests and deacons dressing in black vestments. The pulpit and the altar are bare; no candles are lit.

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Facts about Depression!!!

Depression is a state of low mood and aversion to activity that can affect a person's thoughts, behavior, feelings and physical well-being. It may include feelings of sadness, anxiety, emptiness, hopelessness, worthlessness, guilt, irritability, or restlessness.

Sometimes friends or family members recognize that someone is depressed. They may respond with love, kindness, or support, hoping that the sadness will soon pass. They may offer to listen if the person wants to talk. If the depressed feeling doesn't pass with a little time, friends or loved ones may encourage the person to get help from a doctor, therapist, or counselor.

Many of us go through depression..It's something called life.. we just need to know how to cope or deal with it.  Let's keep that smile on someone's face.  :)

Friday, 15 April 2011


Okay Okay!!!!!!!!! Our retreat for BIONIC was a bang...i must say we had tonz of fun...It was both educational and fun... We left SJCJC campus on April 1st, yes, i know all fools day but our trip wasnt a prank..lol....We went to Log cabin Resort in Cayo.. A beautiful place i must...The atmosphere is just so different.  It was an adventure for me and my other members.  We had different acitivities and learning sections for the retreat..we started off from Friday night..yes this trip meant business if you want to be certified at the end.. I personally thought al the groups did an excellent job.  We put in all the time and effort possible just to make the trip fun and a good one for both us seniors as well as juniors most importantly. 

At log Cabins, the rooms are big, fully air conditins...just elgant... perfect for a vacation....  :) There was also a swimming pool, of course we made use of it in our spare time....played ball and just had fun...We even had karaoke and dance.  Yep, you guys missed out, you need to join BIONIC...Unfortunately its too late second years..lmao....i have no regrets.. i enjoyed the trip and i am a proud member of BIONIC!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, 14 April 2011

The Arrival of my 1st nephew :)

Ok ok!!!!!!!!!!! So im like one of the happiest person ever....I finally got my lil nephew on March 30th.  He brought so much more happiness to the family. 

Kodie Adrian Menzies...yep that's his name..cute right? the middle name is brother's first name.  He had 7lbs and 9 ounces on his birth date....He is so adorable.  He is my first lil nephew and im gonna make much of him...Can i say he is already spoil.. OH BOY!!!!!! he is the king......

Everybody loves him...He is like the light in the family.  Kodie is always being harassed by all his aunts 24hrs and more...sometimes we even have fights for him...Im glad for my lil nephew, he means alot to me and all of us.  Baby Menzies is too cute <3

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Happy Birthday Vanessa Matus!!!!!!!

So its one of my bestesestest friend's birthday...She turns 20 years young on April 9th.  Im so thank for like 6 years of that total years im friend with her...She means alot to me...A friend that is always there and giving me advices when i need them....Alwasy a positive person...

She is our party planner...Always wanna make things happen....I'm so sorry i missed ur bd outing...but i promise to make it up to you with an ice-cream date....nd something else remember???heheheh....

Im sure you had fun that night tho because it was pageant night too.....lol....I hope u had a good time...and may GOd continue blessing you..and i hope al ur bd wishes had come true if not im gonna make them come true lmao.....jk...

I love you <3

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Will a Belizean win this Cross Country 2011??

This is an amateur event, but if you're thinking of entering you had better be fit! This one starts at Mile 2 outside Belize City and races all the way to San Ignacio, only to turn there and race all the way back: a staggering 140 mile ride in what can be punishingly hot conditions. Prevailing easterlies may help the riders a little on the way west, but coming back those tiring legs have to push against those very winds, by which time the sun has had time to start softening the tar on the road surface!

For the past years we have seen a foreigner taking home our garland...Belizean cyclists need to put a stop to this as we have many potential riders who are fit to be on this postion too.  Of course there is the best [Marlon Castillo] <3....and several others like Darnell Borrow, SHane Vasquez etc.  These guys need to put there all and show that Belizeans are capable of getting back the garland. 

Also, we need more support from the Belizean public..Motivation is key for al these riders and we need to be there supporting them until the end.  More sponsorhsip is needed too..This a way of giving back..so busniness dont be selfish...Again, Lets see and hope for a Belize to take back this title once again...

Monday, 11 April 2011

Congratulatiions to Mr. And Ms. SJCJC 2011!!!!!

On Saturday night, the Mr and Ms. SJCJC pageant was held in the Princess Kings room at 6:00 pm.  It was packed with students, elders, children etc. all cheering on their favorite contestant.  It was a fun and enjoyable night.  I can talk on behalf of most people because that statement is true.  In all there were 7 contestants, four girls and three boys.  They all gave their all to this pageant.. they were well pepared for the most part...

This pageant was tight competition.  I wouldn't want the judege's position. Jeez, all these contestants had their thing going on..but then again only two people can earn the title.  the pageant was divided into sections, there were the introduction, career speech, talent, swim souit, evening gown and question and answer, the part that alwyas give contestants trouble most of the time.  However, the contestants all rocked these sections well and they were having fun although it was a competition.

At the end of the night, Ms. Chloe Daly and Raheem Martinez walked away with the crowns and titles.  They did deserve it tho...I must say all the contestants were excellent and they are all winners in my eyes.  First of all, they the minute they entered that pageant they are winners because it takes courage and confidence to go up for a pageant.  Again, congratulations to all contestants. job well done and special congratulations to both winners... Carry on the title in a good name and be proud of yall achievment.   At the end of the day, you guys did great...

Sunday, 10 April 2011

My views on Violence in Belize

Violence in Belize is increasing drastically.  Everyday on the news you hear another male or female falling to the ground, dead from gang related violence.  This is terrible especially for a little counrty as Belize.  We need to put an end to violence.  So many innocent people are getting hurt too and nothing is being done.  This is so sad. 

To the people of Belize, do you really feel that you got a true leader? If so, you should support him and call for an end to all the voilence. Now, to the Prime Minister,the Governor General,the Mayor,the Top Cop and anyone associated with the body of government, it is time for a change and if you can't get the job done, please step aside. There is no disgrace in doing so, that is actually showing love for your Country and open the door of oppertunity for a true leader that will face these problem head on.