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Friday, 15 April 2011


Okay Okay!!!!!!!!! Our retreat for BIONIC was a bang...i must say we had tonz of fun...It was both educational and fun... We left SJCJC campus on April 1st, yes, i know all fools day but our trip wasnt a prank..lol....We went to Log cabin Resort in Cayo.. A beautiful place i must...The atmosphere is just so different.  It was an adventure for me and my other members.  We had different acitivities and learning sections for the retreat..we started off from Friday night..yes this trip meant business if you want to be certified at the end.. I personally thought al the groups did an excellent job.  We put in all the time and effort possible just to make the trip fun and a good one for both us seniors as well as juniors most importantly. 

At log Cabins, the rooms are big, fully air conditins...just elgant... perfect for a vacation....  :) There was also a swimming pool, of course we made use of it in our spare time....played ball and just had fun...We even had karaoke and dance.  Yep, you guys missed out, you need to join BIONIC...Unfortunately its too late second years..lmao....i have no regrets.. i enjoyed the trip and i am a proud member of BIONIC!!!!!!!!!

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