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Thursday, 14 April 2011

The Arrival of my 1st nephew :)

Ok ok!!!!!!!!!!! So im like one of the happiest person ever....I finally got my lil nephew on March 30th.  He brought so much more happiness to the family. 

Kodie Adrian Menzies...yep that's his name..cute right? the middle name is brother's first name.  He had 7lbs and 9 ounces on his birth date....He is so adorable.  He is my first lil nephew and im gonna make much of him...Can i say he is already spoil.. OH BOY!!!!!! he is the king......

Everybody loves him...He is like the light in the family.  Kodie is always being harassed by all his aunts 24hrs and more...sometimes we even have fights for him...Im glad for my lil nephew, he means alot to me and all of us.  Baby Menzies is too cute <3

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