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Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Will a Belizean win this Cross Country 2011??

This is an amateur event, but if you're thinking of entering you had better be fit! This one starts at Mile 2 outside Belize City and races all the way to San Ignacio, only to turn there and race all the way back: a staggering 140 mile ride in what can be punishingly hot conditions. Prevailing easterlies may help the riders a little on the way west, but coming back those tiring legs have to push against those very winds, by which time the sun has had time to start softening the tar on the road surface!

For the past years we have seen a foreigner taking home our garland...Belizean cyclists need to put a stop to this as we have many potential riders who are fit to be on this postion too.  Of course there is the best [Marlon Castillo] <3....and several others like Darnell Borrow, SHane Vasquez etc.  These guys need to put there all and show that Belizeans are capable of getting back the garland. 

Also, we need more support from the Belizean public..Motivation is key for al these riders and we need to be there supporting them until the end.  More sponsorhsip is needed too..This a way of giving back..so busniness dont be selfish...Again, Lets see and hope for a Belize to take back this title once again...

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