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Wednesday, 27 April 2011

My Easter Vacation

My easter vacation was splenditious. lol....It was just the way i wanted it.  Beach, breeze, sand, heat and everything that makes it easter.  It was all there..

Of course is spent it with family, friends and my boyfriend.  :) Yep they made my easter one to remember.  Thanks guys.....I had so much fun, i cant even explained now.  I ate alot, yea i think i gained extra pounds, hope thats not a bad thing...lmao..

We all party, sip pina coladas yes it wasn't alcohol thank you very much...hmm....I don't drink so yea you better believe me...We danced and had the time of our lives...We walked the beach, talk and give jokes, watch all the beach contests, meet new people, saw new faces and so much more....I wish i could do it again from the start..oh how i enjoyed my easter vacation...

Ps.  Thanks Ritzie, Marlon, Monica, Mommy and Daddy and others.......<3

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