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Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Accounting Trip :)

About 50 Accounting students accompanied by some business teachers went on a day trip last Friday, March 18th.  It was well organized by Ms. Kenisha Williams...Thank you Ms.   We went in  the Cayo District and visited Running W Meats, Quality Poultry and Western Dairies.

Running W meats was our first stop where we got some information about the compan and what they do and the meat products they sell.  Also, we went to the farm and saw the animals....cows, pigs etc.   Some students were fascinated by this lol...

Our second stop was Quality Poultry... Here we watched a video of the actual process of how they produced chicken.  We asked questions and got information we needed.

Furthermore, our last stop was Western Daires... this was my favorite spot.. I got ICE-CREAM..hehe (Chocolate Vanilla Twist) YUM!!!!!! I enjoyed it....But besides eating that delicious ice-cream, we learn how they made cheese, milk, ice-cream and yoghurt.   This was fascinating.....

Finally, I must say the trip was fun and educational... I must say we all enjoyed it even on the bus was fun.....We reached back city about 5:00pm.....It was the best accounting trip ever...we should go back again........Peace!!!!!!!!!

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