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Sunday, 20 March 2011

Anitcipating Easter Vacation- Placencia

Belize is a rare tropical paradise as seductive as any in the Caribbean. Amidst this bright oasis lies The Placencia, a gated 6,500-acre resort community encompassing a realm of family-style indulgences, including a new privately owned international airport, our own private island, the all-inclusive Placencia Club and the historic creation of a 55,000-acre conservation easement to be forever pure. As the flagship destination for Belize, The Placencia invites you to see, feel and experience the Beauty of Belize from rainforest to reef.

The Placencia Peninsula - an 11 mile strip of land sandwiched between the Caribbean Sea and the Placencia Lagoon in Belize, has beautiful white sandy beaches and - because of its distance from the reef - it also has "real' though not very high) surf. The water is clean and clear; the trade winds gentle and cooling. There are few sights more calming to the spirit than a Belizean sunset on a deserted Placencia Peninsula beach. A visitor on her first visit to Belize had this to say about Placencia:
"All the fears of going to Belize were unfounded. I had friends tell me I was crazy for going to an obscure Central American country that they had never heard of! They envisioned rebel infested jungles at every turn. And the thought of me being susceptible to snakes, crocodiles, scorpions and a various array of insects sent them into a incoherent and somewhat amusing frenzy, I am so glad I did not heed their unwarranted objections.
What I found in Placencia was simply, Paradise. A warm and caring people and an unsurpassed tropical haven. I have traveled to several tropical destinations and I have never found such beauty. I chose Placencia because of its proximity to the Reefs and The Rainforest and my limited amount of time, only 6 days. I was not disappointed. I have never been to a place as lovely as Placencia. The people of the village are a caring, gracious and insightful people. They care for each other and their beautiful surroundings."

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