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Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Where I wish to pursue my Bachelor's Degree- Galen University

Belize packs a lot of diversity into its six Districts which include hundreds of islands which make up the world’s second largest barrier reef. There are also great rainforests and jungles, mountains, caves, savannahs, rivers, lagoons. Belize was an English colony, known as British Honduras, and become an independent country in 1981. It is governed as a parliamentary democracy, and is rarely discussed in the world news, which is why the tourism bureau calls it "the Mother Nature’s best kept secret". Agriculture is the #1 industry in Belize, with sugar cane, citrus and bananas leading the list. Tourism is the second largest business in the country. Tourists flock to the coast for the water and reef activities, the rainforests and mountains for eco-tours, bird-watching, butterfly tracking, hiking, exploring Maya ruins, and much, much more.
Cayo is the largest district and where Galen University is located. It is on the western border of the country and has the most diverse terrain of all the districts. There are approximately 40,000 people living in Cayo, primarily in San Ignacio and Santa Elena (twin towns separated by the Macal River) and in Belmopan, the nation’s capital. The nation’s population of forty nine percent Mestizo, twenty five percent Creole, eleven percent Maya, six percent Garifuna, three percent East Indian, and six percent other nationalities, is evenly reflected in Cayo. sixty percent of the Cayo District has been set aside for a National Park, Wildlife Sanctuary, or Forest Reserve.

Galen University’s success lies in the results of our efforts to play our role in the Sustainable Development of Belize. Those results are to be measured by the success of our graduates in becoming effective leaders in our Belizean society or in any other society, and in our deliberate engagement and influence in critical areas of National Development.
At the heart of our work is quality instruction in subject areas relevant to Belize’s Sustainable Development. This puts our focus squarely on providing value to our students and other stakeholders in the Belizean society. Our Mission is to provide to our students a holistic educational experience grounded in quality teaching, exposure to practical research, community service participation, personal wellness, and exciting sports; all with the aim of developing their leadership skills and empowering them to make choices that contribute to the Sustainable Development of their societies.
As a small, but fast-growing, private institution, we prefer to do a few things well and offer a select number of programs. This range of programs will be carefully expanded based on the needs of our stakeholders within the context of Belize’s National Development. The members of our Faculty, who directly deliver our courses, are committed to our Mission. Future members of our Team will be strategically identified and selected based on world-class academic and research achievements, combined with practical, international experience. We will continue to work very closely with our local, regional and international partners, and in particular with the University of Indianapolis, to fulfill our Mission.
To complement a world-class Faculty and Staff, we are developing our infrastructure to meet the growing requirements of our local and international student population. New classrooms, a multipurpose building, and sports facilities are planned for construction. Besides improving and expanding our facilities at our main campus in Central Farm, we are also reaching out to our communities to ensure that more people have access to our quality programs. In Fall of 2010 we began offering a Masters in Social Science in Belmopan and a Bachelors in Business Administration in Corozal and we are planning to deliver a similar Bachelors program for Spring 2011 in Dangriga, while we continue to offer the MBA in Belize City.
We are also embarking in Spring of 2011 on an exciting Strategic Transformation Project that will result in our new Five-year Sustainable Development Plan to be launched in July of 2011. This Plan will be developed by all stakeholders, including Students, Faculty, Staff, Administration, the Private Sector, the Public Sector, the NGO community, and our local, regional and international partners.
Everyone who has a stake in Galen’s success will have an opportunity to shape our future. Together we will attain our goal to be among the very best in our region!


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